Martin Epp

First Colorado Land Office

7385 W. US Highway 50 

Salida, CO 81201


About me


Your friend in the real estate business

My family has lived in the Salida area since 1970 and we have seen a lot of changes in that time. I feel my intimate knowledge of Salida, it's residents and history is a benefit to my customers. I can help them connect with the community and find the right property to suit their personality and needs. I am a 1978 graduate of Salida High School and my two stepdaughters graduated from Salida High School as well. They both  went on to earn degrees and have become successful in their chosen fields. Education for our children is very important to me and I have been involved with many different organizations and causes to better our local schools and their funding.

I have been a musician since I was a teenager and composing and performing has always been an important part of my life. In 2012 I released a 12 song Country Western album with my songwriting partner entitled, "Alan & Martin", "Only Boys back Then". In 2016 we released our second album, "Second Chance."  We are
 currently in final editing production for our 3rd, 12 songs album, "Country Side", currently slated to be released in Fall of 2018.

I enjoy the outdoors and have spent much of my leisure time motorcycling, camping, fishing, hiking, skiing and just about any recreation this wonderful area has to offer.

Tending to our lawn and garden with my wife of 23 years, Linda, has always been one of my favorite activities and we spend a great deal of time on our patio in the summer. We love cats and have three Sphynx and one Norwegian Forest cat, two of which are rescues. We are happy to be close to our families and have many wonderful friends here. I have enjoyed participating in and donating my time and funds to many charitable causes over the years. I am proud to have been an active Rotarian for 6 years now. Salida is a wonderful place to live with truly kind and caring residents.